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Heavy Duty Belting

Over 55 types of black rubber belt specifications in stock.

Western Belting carries quality heavy-duty black belts to provide a longer service life for most bulk handling surface and above-ground applications. More than 55 types of heavy-duty black rubber belt specifications are in stock for quick delivery against cut flat belt orders. We offer a variety of cover thicknesses and belts to provide abrasion and impact resistance, oil and temperature-resisting properties.


Belt Specifications

2 Ply RMA2 Black Heavy Duty

Standard RMA2 compound for excellent abrasion resistance and wear properties. Most cost effective heavy duty belting option.

2 Ply and 3 Ply and 4 Ply Flame Retardant

Oil Resistant-Static Conductive

Specially compounded for the oily effects of grain, these belts are also static conductive.

Super Oil Resistant – “Hot Asphalt”

Two and three ply belts specially compounded for applications requiring moderate to very high oil resistance.

3 Ply RMA2 Black Heavy Duty
Standard RMA2 compound but in 3 plys offer extra strength and impact resistance.


2 Ply and 3 Ply and 4 Ply Bare Backs
Designed for medium to heavy duty service in slider bed applications.


High Heat Resistant – 400°F – 700°F
These are premium two, three, and four ply belts that are compounded to withstand temps to 400°F with lumpy materials.

4 Ply RMA2 Black Heavy Duty
Standard RMA2 compound but in 4 plys these belts are used on high PIW applications.


2 Ply and 3 Ply and 4 Ply Moderate Oil Resistance
These belts provide good abrasion resistance and longer life with moderate oil resisting properties.


Skirtboard Rubber / Chute Lining
1/4″ to 1-1/2″ black rubber belting used at the point of loading for guiding product onto the center of a system and for protecting conveyor parts.


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