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Hercules Conveyor Belt Winder 

Made by Scandia USA Midwest LLC


Call For Pricing!

This Conveyor Belt Winder earns its name proudly!

The Hercules mythical ability to manage a 72" wide x 1000 ft Roll with weights ranging from 15,000 Lbs to 19,000 Lbs this winder exceeds expectations.

The Scandia USA Midwest LLC Team.

With years of experience developed this winder with not only maximum  performance ability's., The robust construction of it to last the riggers of time and heavy use. 


The Scandia USA Midwest LLC Team really thought of everything when it came to this winder!

- Can handle 10 ft diameter Rolls

- Variable speed for controlled pulls.

- Well guarded drive system. 

- Self contained power plant.

- High tork hydraulics 

- Shaft release sleeves for placing the roll.

- Lifting and stabilization flanges.

- Lite weight construction.

- Priced low for exposure purposes.

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