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      ICL AMERICA LIMITED is involved in the sales and marketing of Fabric Rubber Conveyor Belting, servicing bulk material handling industry requirements.


    All Synthetic constructions provide higher adhesion, excellent resistance to Edge wear, higher impact resistance, Superior tear and longitudinal rip-resistance, excellent rot/mildew resistance, higher breaking strength, deep troughing and improved tracking, controlled elongation.

     Cover Grades offered include RMA-2, RMA-1, DIN Y, DIN X, DIN W, HIGH-TEMP EPDM, Oil Resistant (OR), Moderately Oil Resistant (MOR), High Abrasion Resistant (HAR), hot asphalt and MSHA covers.

    Widths available 18″ upto 84″ wide without fabric join, belt ranging from 2PLY to 6PLY (some transmission belt are 12PLY construction) with rubber covers ranging from 1/32″ (0.8mm) to 1/2″ (13mm) on carry and return side, and plied PN (Polyester/Nylon) fabrics and NN (Nylon/Nylon) fabrics ranging in strength from 75 PIW (LWB) upto 300 PIW (HD) per ply and straight warp fabrics upto 700 PIW (X-HD) per ply on special order.

    Products are supplied by suppliers with quality systems, conforming to specific standards for cover tensile, abrasion, adhesion, shore hardness and tolerance measures.

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