The Just-In Scraper’s core is a high pressure air bladder with no moving mechanical parts…just a cushion of air…moving the conveyor belt cleaning blade up, down and in tangent with the moving belt.  The Just-In Scraper distributes constant pressure across the entire width of the conveyor belt, and its effectiveness is not limited by any irregularities due to conveyor belt surface wear, pulley surfaces covered in slide lag, mechanical belt fasteners, reversing conveyors, and liquid removal (such as water).  Pressure to the air bladder is maintained by attaching a regulator supplied from an external air source.  Placing the regulator in a remote location away from the Just-In Scraper, allows for an easy and safe adjustment of pressure to the cleaning blade.


Parts List:


 1 Just-In Scraper

 2 Mounting Brackets

 8 ½ inch bolts

 8 ½ inch Nuts

 8 ½ inch washers

 8 ½ inch Lock Washers

 1 Air Line

 1 Air Regulator

36" Just- In Scraper


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