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Western Belting, like most of our customers, has a strong commitment to safety. We strongly believe that it is the most important thing to us to keep our workers safe. We do this by being proactive with safety committees and programs that assure the best in safety.

We don’t just meet WCB regulations, but we surpass them. We pride ourselves on being as safe as we possibly can, both inside or facilities and on the job sites. This is proven when looking at our WCB man hour rates, they are lower than the industry average by at least 30%.

Not only do we have strict safety policies, but we make sure we meet all requirements by our customers and their safety protocols. We make sure our workers have proper training so we are able to meet all requirements set by our customers.


To ensure the safest working enviroment, we continually train our
employees to make sure they are up to date in safety certifications.

  • Monthly Safety Meetings and Discussion

  • Fall Arrest Certification

  • Level 1 First Aid Training

  • Forklift Certification

  • Face Respirator Fitting Certification

  • Customer Safety In-Doc Training

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